Jake Shields


Morphus Name:
Facade Name: Jake Shields
Real Name: Jake Shields
Aliases: Jake
Age/Date of Transformation:

Facade Description:

Morphus Description:


- never knew his parents; grew up in orphanages/group homes
- rough life; always people looking to pick fights (fights back); small growing up, not often included in games/sports and teased/picked on a lot
- when 9, witness to some orphanage kids being torn apart by creatures; saved by shadowy figure with coat, wide brimmed hat and scythe or polearm
- in high school approached by wrestling team to join; joins and weight trains, gets bigger/stronger and is a very good wrestler
- hits growth spurt part way through high school and the other boys at the group home stop picking on him (doesn’t get even)
- gets college wrestling scholarship (interested in architecture); college is out of town

Jake Shields

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