Cindy Campbell


Morphus Name:
Facade Name: Cindy Campbell
Real Name: Cindy Campbell
Aliases: Cindy, Angel
Age/Date of Transformation:

Facade Description:

Morphus Description:


- raised by well off parents; loving
- put into piano, dance, sports, etc
- when 9, stumbles upon her parents being killed/eaten by creatures; shadowy figure appears in the nick of time to kill creatures; no sign of creatures or figure afterwards; figure has long coat, wide brimmed hat and uses glaive
- taken in by aunt and uncle who are strict, very religious
- continue with soccer, karate, dance, piano and singing with money from parents will; very good dancer
- while growing up with aunt/uncle, they don’t let her have friends over, she can’t sleep out or stay out late, no boyfriend, has to go to church every Sunday and even push her to God after the death of her parents instead of counselling which they don’t believe in
- interested in singing in a band or dancing professionally
- when 16, finds adoption papers indicating her parents are her adoptive parents; any investigation come up short as real parents want to remain anonymous
- friend Katrina (Kat) is a flirt, promiscuous, but doesn’t do drugs, drinks sometimes; works at various retail jobs (music store, clothing store, etc)
- at 17, fake aunt/uncle die in car accident; all money/house they own goes to church so Kat’s parents take her in
- at 18 friend wants to go to college out of town; Cindy gets into a good art school (for dance) in same city
- at 19 Kat gets a job at a strip club; asks Cindy to work there to make lots of money in little time (money is starting to get a little tight)

Cindy Campbell

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